The shocking fight against cancer of a four-year-old girl

The shocking fight against cancer of a four-year-old girl

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There are images that rest delicately on the heart. Others provoke disbelief, amazement ... even concern. AND there are breathtaking photographs, How is it going. Faced with the latter, it is impossible to escape intact.

(Photograph by Andy Whelan)

Heartbreaking, brutal, titanic. So is this image, and this is Jessica's fight against cancer. The little fight, at four years old, against terminal cancer. He has been fighting a real battle against the disease for more than a year ...

We all imagine how hard it must be for a child. But we've never felt it this way. The daily images of the little girl, captured by her father, Andy Whelan, they hit us hard.

In a moment of desolation and tremendous pain for the little girl, her father, unable to find consolation, grabbed his camera. It was instinctive. Andy, an electrician by profession, loves photography. Perhaps because he finds in her the only way to portray his emotions. And that day, when Jessica screamed in pain, Andy wanted to scream with her, but he couldn't ... So he let his camera express the pain he felt, and that bitter feeling of helplessness ...

This photograph went viral. Never before has pain been portrayed in this way. Never so close. Andy himself admits it: 'This is the hardest photograph What a done in my whole life. '

Jessica goes through hard times, but also small quiet moments. His father's camera follows him in each of his days, of his minutes. Look for a glance, a smile, fleeting, and that fighting spirit that accompanies the little girl at every moment.

The doctors have done their best. According to science, Jessica has only a few weeks to live. Andy, the little girl's father, decided to create a Facebook page with all these photographs. He doesn't want to upset anyone, he says, nor does he want to seek sensationalism. 'I just want to portray the darkest part of this disease in children, that part that so many try to hide'.

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