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Tips to look sexy in pregnancy

Tips to look sexy in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods that mothers live and that happiness can be seen in their appearance. Despite the Physical changes that supposes the future birth of a baby, these do not imply that the woman's body loses its sensuality.

The maternity fashion In recent seasons, she has sought to enhance the image of the beautiful and radiant mother, with garments that reveal the natural beauty of the belly. Here are some tips to help you you feel sexy during these special months and enjoy the pregnancy with yourself and with your partner.

One of the facets that future moms take care of is the choice of clothes. When you start to notice the growth of the belly, it is time to buy the maternity clothes. Today, roomy dresses and camisoles have given way to more tight, comfortable and sexy clothes that highlight the changes in the figure.

One of the strong points is the neckline, especially for those women who prefer not to enhance their tummy or lower body so much. Colorful chiffon dresses, with V-necklines and loose skirts, that even reveal the knees and ankles can be a good option if you have a dinner, an event or to wear the hot summer months.

For mothers who feel very comfortable enhancing their belly, one of the latest trends is the long dresses and tight, which mark the sensual curves of the pregnant woman. You can also opt for leggings with loose and elegant blouses, some transparency or fabrics such as satin or silk.

But not everything is fashion to feel beautiful. It is also very important that the future mother takes care of her body and her hair. Moisturize your skin, use anti-stretch mark creams, wear a beautiful manicure and a healthy food To avoid gaining excess weight, are some of the tips that can help you feel beautiful in this phase.

In the case of hair, it undergoes changes due to hormones. You can usually increase the body hair or appear in infrequent areas. But this fact should not be an aesthetic problem, since there are hair removal methods compatible with this period.

Also the volume and thickness of the hair can increase, so do not hesitate to wear a pretty mane. Regarding dyes, although there is no evidence that changing hair color affects the baby, experts recommend doing it from the fourth month and opting better for natural products if you do not feel safe with chemicals.

Although many of the maternity intimate pieces may seem very unsexy, the truth is that today brands care about enhance sensuality of the pregnant woman and there are multiple comfortable and beautiful models.

Of course, it should be taken into account that bras must be specific, since breasts require special care now that they increase in volume and sensitivity.

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