Children with autism show how loud noises affect them in the classroom

Children with autism show how loud noises affect them in the classroom

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All parents and teachers would like to get inside children's heads to find out what they are thinking. This curiosity becomes a necessity when we see that they are suffering. This is precisely what happens to children with autism when they are exposed to loud noises. To raise awareness, just compare your thoughts with water when it is shaken in a bottle, as two children with autism have done in the latest viral video. His goal was to get the rest of his classmates to understand how their heads react to the noise.

In a video, recorded in a classroom in Brazil, two children with autism demonstrate with some practical examples how their heads react to noise. They explain the noise or strong blows affect them much more than anyone else.

The two boys gave a lesson to their classmates. In this video, which was published on the Facebook 'Inclusão ou Exclusão' profile, and which is attracting a lot of attention on social networks, the two students explained in a didactic way, what they feel when their classmates make a lot of noise.

We put here some of the examples children give to his colleagues:

- "When you yell in class, it seems that our head is choking and clogging".

- "When we hear a lot of noise, our thoughts shake like the water inside this bottle" (while shaking the bottle).

Furthermore, they compare their feelings to a television program in which women continually say everything their husbands have to do. In this show, they talk so much that men's heads seem like they are going to explode and they have to put a button thatby pressing it they manage to silence everything.

The children explain how much they would like to have one of those buttons. However, the teacher adds, as they do not have a button, they have to put up with the noise and noise, which causes earaches and headaches.

As a solution, children suggest that in a noisy moment, teachers step in to stop the ruckus.

Children with autism often have auditory hypersensitivity. In some cases, this condition can be controlled, allowing the little ones to lead normal lives. However, in other cases, these discomforts can end completely limiting the day to day of children with autism and their families.

So much so that firecrackers and rockets, which are often used at parties such as carnival, Christmas and New Year's Eve, can cause them great pain. In fact, there are many parents who, before any of these celebrations, call for it to be limited or End the noises these explosive devices make.

The noises that these explosions emit do not only harm children with autism, but also other children who fear them, older people and even dogs. There are many who suffer from such loud noises. For this reason, it is recommended that we keep children away from loud noises in order to protect their ears. In addition, we must bear in mind that continued exposure to these types of explosions can cause temporary hearing loss in children, and even total loss.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that people with autism find it very difficult anticipate what is going to happen, in other words, it is difficult for them to identify the consequences of actions. That is why, beyond the noise, children with autism can find it very difficult to know the reason behind the explosions of fireworks, which causes great confusion.

Therefore, in case of necessarily having to expose children with autism to a situation in which there may be fireworks, experts recommend:

- Use pictograms to explain to the children where they are going.

- Organize some other activity that is a reinforcement after showing the pictogram. An example could be watching a video of fireworks or drawing fireworks.

- Increase little by little the time of exposure to the rockets.

Hearing impairment affects the ability of children with autism to develop and recognize language. In fact, the researchers reveal that this sensitivity to noise in children with autism could help parents and specialists to identify children with this disorder early.

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