Knowing how to say No also educates children

Knowing how to say No also educates children

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I was in the hypermarket doing the shopping, when I began to hear the cry of a child behind me. His mother was riding him in the cart and, as he walked down the snack aisle, the boy stretched out his arms to reach one of the attractive bags in front of him.

Faced with the refusal of his firm mother, his crying was heartbroken and she chose to get him off the shopping cart. Then he fell to the ground and began to throw a scandal tantrum at the bewilderment of his mother.

In this situation we have seen many at times. What can we do? First of all, don't despair. Saying 'no' also educates, especially, if it is done well since it is small and firmly so that it cannot take your measure. And it is that tolerance to frustration is a value that is learned and that parents must nurture from the beginning to avoid unnecessary tantrums when they are children and other greater evils when they are adults.

It is useless to try to change the character of our children, each one is different from the other and we must accept them as they are, but we can correct their behavior when it is not correct. With the capricious, those of strong character and with those of fixed ideas you have to fight more, but it is worth doing for your emotional stability in the future. And if possible, in their defense, we must avoid walking them through a place loaded with products and objects so attractive to them that they cannot resist the invitation to consumerism.

Many psychologists argue that, as they grow, little by little, they must learn that when their desires are not immediately satisfied or when they have to settle for something else you can't make a fuss in the form of a tantrum or tantrum to test the endurance of the parents' patience, who are torn between holding out a little longer to see if it passes or giving in to the wishes of their little tyrant.

Giving in will only make things worse, because although the resolution of the conflict ends sooner, in the long run they will be adults who will not bear that things do not go their way and each setback will turn into a true catastrophe. If for a person who tolerates frustration, inconveniences are a nuisance, for someone who has not learned to tolerate it they will become causes of depression or anguish.

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