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When to get pregnant so that the baby is born in January

When to get pregnant so that the baby is born in January

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful sensation in life, I tell you from my own experience. When I had my first child I felt such a great love that it is difficult to describe in words. A few years later when I had my second daughter, my happiness doubled. What do I want to tell you with this? Well, I fully understand that feeling that you notice inside you just by thinking about get pregnant.

But since I also know that you have to take into account a lot of things when you talk about motherhood, in We have prepared a manual so that you know when is the right month to get pregnant and that your child is born at the time you want. So let's start with the month of January. When do you have to get pregnant for the baby to be born in January?

April will be the month in which your pregnancy should begin if you want your child to be born in January. In this case, you must bear in mind that your first trimester of your pregnancy will go from April to June; the second, from July to September; and the last, from October to December. If we keep looking at the calendar ... we can tell you that the approximate due date will be in January.

As we know that it is not so easy to stay in a state just when you want it, we are going to tell you how you could calculate it to at least get as close as possible and make your dream come true. For this, we have prepared some valuable calculators that will allow you to know during what days you should try to get pregnant.

1. Ovulation calculator
First of all, see when you are ovulating and, for this, you can use our ovulation calculator. There are women who notice when their fertile days are, that is, when they are ovulating, because there are certain changes in the body such as discomfort or pain. Something that doesn't happen to most of us, right?

You have to start by analyzing if your menstrual cycles are regular, it is important in turn that you write down on a calendar the days when your period comes. There are usually 14 days that go from the day you ovulate to the next menstrual period. You then have to subtract 14 days from the total number of days in your cycle. If you calculate it this way, it will be easier for you to try to get pregnant on those fertile days. If you want to know more about this topic, here is the ovulation and fertile days calculator.

2. Calculate how to get pregnant with a boy
That the baby is born healthy is the most important thing, of course, but surely now that you are planning to be one of the family, you cannot help but think about whether it will be a boy or a girl. Do you know that there is a way to calculate to try that your baby is a boy?

If you want to have a male child, sexual intercourse must be 24 hours before or after ovulation (see the calculator we have told you about before). Intercourse should be done in a position that allows deep penetration. You already know that the sex of the baby is decided by the man, so your partner has to take care of himself to prevent the sperm from being damaged.

3. Calculator to get pregnant with a girl
What if what you want most in this life is to have a daughter? There is one thing you can do that is very effective: schedule sex 5 to 3 days before ovulation or fertile days. In this way, the X (female) sperm that have survived the Y (male) sperm will be able to complete their journey to the egg and fertilize it. To find out on which days you should have sex, use our calculator.

If everything goes according to plan, your son or daughter will be born in January. Doesn't it seem like a perfect month for it? The Christmas bustle is over, winter has just arrived but this does not mean that you have to see it from the negative side, you just have to have warm clothes on hand to avoid flu and colds and the days, little by little, start to get longer, ideal for enjoy to the fullest the wonderful experience that is motherhood.

By the time the following Christmas holidays arrive, your little one will be about to turn the year and will be an explorer eager to open his Three Kings gifts, what does that sound great?

How to take care of my newborn baby? That is the question that needs to be resolved at this point. And, no matter how much you have read about caring for a newborn, doubts always arise when it comes time to take care of your baby. Your child is born in winter so, as we have already mentioned before, you must shelter him so that he does not get cold. However, be careful not to fall into the mistake of layering and layering clothes on top as you will sweat and that sweat will be the one that makes you cool.

On the other hand, breastfeed on demand so that he is well fed and hydrated. Do not forget to go to the check-ups with the pediatrician and follow the scheduled vaccination schedule. Remember that you should also visit your midwife and do the checkups that the doctor sends you, lean on your partner and your loved ones for everything you need, go out with your baby for a walk every day at least a little bit so that I can take the air and enjoy by your side and give him all the kisses that you had thought of since you carried him on your belly.

Congratulations mom!

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