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The worst two minutes (which seemed like an eternity) of a mother

The worst two minutes (which seemed like an eternity) of a mother

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I still get goose bumps when I remember the worst two minutes (which seemed like an eternity) of a mother with which I feel very close. We share the doubts, joys, fears and emotions of the first pregnancy, the childbirth classes, the birth of our little ones, but also the bad nights, the inexperience of being mothers and even moments of anguish after thinking that you could lose your son forever.

Surely, the situation that I tell you below sounds familiar to you because you may have even lived it, and that is that in addition to being a mother, women are human, and sometimes we relax, trust and lower our guard. A lesson that my friend and I learned a lot from, and that has brought us closer together. She says that I was her angel, and I say that she is my light.

I will never forget the date. August 3, 2013. Elena and Rodrigo were two years old, well Rodrigo had just turned them and Elena had five days left to celebrate. It was a hot summer Saturday, how could it be otherwise in Madrid and we had met in a shopping center, the only cool place on these dates, to say goodbye before the long-awaited holidays.

The children ran from one place to another, playing tag, while the older ones were talking and "chasing" them. I don't know what could happen even today I still wonder when and how we lost sight of him, but in a matter of half a second, Rodrigo disappeared from view and the world seemed to fall like a slab on my friend.

We quickly started looking for him in the nearby stores, we went to the information center, we located the security guard of the shopping center. Everything to give the little one as soon as possible! (I, as a reflex action, took my daughter in my arms and held her tightly to my chest). They told us not to worry (as if it were so easy), that it is a very common situation and that it occurs almost daily, that we would surely find him, but my friend had lost control of herself. "Rodrigo, Rodrigo? My son, my only son, my little one! I'm dying!"

What I am telling you happened in just two minutes, but I can assure you that for us, and more so for this mother, it was an eternity. At that moment, life stopped completely, everything was meaningless.

And suddenly, with his mischievous child's smile and short blond hair, Rodrigo appeared hand in hand with Angel, my husband. The nightmare was over, but I don't think fear has left any of us yet. That night and the following nights, Rodrigo, his father and his father slept together.

Restless, curious and always eager to discover new things, that is how children generally are. And those qualities that as parents we are proud and that we can come to boast in front of family or friends, can turn against us when we are in crowded public places, such as shopping centers. What can we do to avoid living a situation with this mother? Here are some mother's advice!

- The dressing
In my case, I have two daughters and in order not to doubt what clothes I have put on each one, I always wear them the same and that way it is easier for me to have them located. Also, if I know that we are going to go to places with a lot of people, I try to make the garments in bright colors, so that they stand out from the rest.

- Phone number
Since the oldest is 7 years old, we have taught her Dad's phone number, which is much easier than Mom's. But, even so, to avoid scares, I always write our cell phones on a piece of paper and keep them in my pants or skirt pocket in case they get lost and show it to a security guard.

- Meeting point
Another thing I do when we decide to spend a day in a crowded place is to designate a meeting point, in such a way that if we get lost or get lost, go to that place because Mom and Dad will go to look for them.

- Identification bracelets
I also advise you that if you are in a shopping center, go to the information stand. It is increasingly common for them to have identification bracelets that they offer free to parents to wear to their children, accompanied by the phone number.

- Never go with strangers
And, something very important, I always tell them that they can never go with strangers. That if someone tries to get them out of the place where they are or says that they know us or that they are friends with their grandparents, they should not believe anything! Hell is enough already lose your son for two minutes so that the anguish can become greater and more serious.

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