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The discomforts of pregnancy in the first month of pregnancy

The discomforts of pregnancy in the first month of pregnancy

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You just got pregnant. Six days after fertilization, the zygote reaches the uterus and nests in its walls. Within a few days, one part of its cells will give rise to the placenta and the other to the embryo.

From that moment on, the maternal organism begins to undergo a series of transformations to enable the growth of a new being inside and these changes are reflected in the form of pregnancy discomforts that should be identified in order to alleviate them ...

The first symptoms of pregnancy and, therefore, the first discomforts of pregnancy, can be felt already. During the first days, you may feel strange and do not know exactly what is happening to you, since the discomfort of pregnancy will be mild. As the days go by, you will be able to identify them much better.

- Pregnancy is not usually discovered until the first fault occurs, that is, about two weeks after fertilization. However, some women, who have already been mothers, can sense the presence of their future baby.

- The first symptoms can be mistaken for premenstrual syndrome: increased breast tension, uterine punctures, increased vaginal discharge, fatigue, lightheadedness, phobias and phobias to certain foods, increased olfactory sensitivity or a strange metallic taste in the mouth ... these are some of the new sensations that usually appear when the pregnancy is recent.

- Confirmation of pregnancy can arrive from the sixth day of delay of the rule. From that moment on, you can already perform a pregnancy test with reliable results.

- Inside you the uterine wall thickens, increases its vascularity and the cervix softens. The placenta and umbilical cord begin to form.

- Tiredness begins to show in early pregnancy. From the first months of pregnancy, you will find yourself much more tired than usual. Pregnancy forces all organs to function differently and, as a consequence, this results in a general fatigue of the body. For this same reason, drowsiness will be a feature that will occur frequently during the day.

- Nasal congestion is perhaps one of the most frequent and annoying problems. Many times, this symptom is accompanied by nosebleeds. Normally, it lasts until the end of the pregnancy.

Some of the discomforts of pregnancy have a remedy. With these remedies you will get to feel better.

Breast tension
The increase in breast tension is due to the fact that the breasts increase a lot in size during pregnancy, causing some tightness or pain. The areola becomes darker and the small bumps around the nipple swell, preparing for breastfeeding.

To prevent the tissues from losing firmness and favoring the breast sagging after childbirth and breastfeeding, it is advisable to take care of them from the beginning, applying moisturizers and using cotton bras, without underwire and with wide cotton straps. You may grow up to three sizes in the next few months.

Nasal congestion
Symptoms can be improved by administering saline solution through the nasal passages or by using a humidifier so that the environment is not so dry. To avoid nosebleeds, don't blow your nose too energetically.

Dizziness and lightheadedness
When you feel dizzy, sit with your head between your knees or lean your back and bring your legs up. To avoid dizziness, run away from heat and hot flashes, which can cause your blood pressure to plummet. When you rest or sleep, do it on the left side. This posture facilitates the flow of blood to the organs and when you get up, do it without sudden incorporations.

And also, try not to spend a lot of time fasting and carry some snacks in your bag to maintain blood sugar levels, since hypoglycemia is usually more common in pregnant women.

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