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Numerology of baby and parent names

Numerology of baby and parent names

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To calculate the number of your name or that of your children, you must necessarily select what you want: mother's, father's, or baby's name. Then enter the first and last name and press Search.

Learn and find your number according to numerology. teaches you to calculate your number according to the sum of the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name and surname. Calculate your number according to numerology, and so you can have an idea of ​​the profile of your character and personality. Numerology is a practice that assigns a number for each letter of the alphabet. The first mathematicians already used it.

Tell us what your baby's name is or will be called and we will tell you a few things about his personality. Each letter will have a numerical value that, added together, will arrive at a number that can define some of the baby's personality traits.

You can also use numerology to calculate the number of the mother's and father's names. From 1 to 9, each number has a meaning in itself. Know what your number or that of your children is according to numerology and what that number says about you.

Since we are born we are governed by a number. A number in the hospital registry, in the civil registry, the number in the doctor's office, the number of the chair in the classroom, and so on. Then, we have an identity number, a bank account number, a driver's license ... that is why the wise men always observed the influence of numbers on the way of being of people. Metaphysical disciplines such as tarot, astrology and palmistry, try to find the relationship between numbers with the world.

Numerology is a divinatory practice that establishes a mystical relationship between numbers and living beings, as well as physical and spiritual forces. In ancient times it was even treated as a science by the first mathematicians, but today its use in the scientific field has been discarded.

Pythagoras was among the first to create the well-known 'harmony of the spheres', which establishes and develops a theory based on numerology. It consists in explaining that the universe is governed by harmonious numerical proportions. And how can we find the number that defines us? In different ways. For example, to know the numerology of your names and surnames you only have to add the numbers that correspond to each letter.

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