Playful Little Rat for children

Playful Little Rat for children

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'La Ratita presumida' is a popular, anonymous tale that comes from oral tradition and has come down to us through different versions. It is a well-known story among children, because it also transmits values ​​related to narcissism, prudence, empathy, cunning or compassion.

We offer you a version of this popular story to perform in a play. It is designed for 6 characters, but some more can always participate. Enjoy the play La Ratita Presumida for children.

Work description: A little mouse, very beautiful, but very presumptuous, she never tires of showing off her beauty. He has different suitors, but treats everyone with disdain, and ultimately chooses the least indicated one. However, a true friend will help you save your life.

Characters: The Smug Mouse, a rooster, a pig, a dog, a cat and a mouse.


Smug Mouse is on the steps of her house, wearing an apron, sweeping.

Mouse: La la laa !! (humming) I mud and mud my little house, which is also very pretty.

(The Mouse stops sweeping and looks down)

Mouse: But .. What is it that shines so much? (Bends down and picks up a coin) A coin !! Oops, someone must have dropped it, but no one's there so I'm keeping it. (The coin is kept in the pocket of the apron).
The smug Mouse continues to sweep, but stops pensive ...

Mouse: Well, if in a while nobody comes to claim it, I'll spend it ... What can I buy with it? Already! Some candies! No, no no ... no sweets, that later my teeth get itchy ... With how beautiful I have them! Sewing needles !! Oh no, I'll prick myself ... And if I have a scar, my beautiful skin will spoil ... I already have it! A tie! I'll buy myself a red bow that I saw yesterday at the store. I'm going to be even more beautiful!

And saying this, the Mouse puts down the broom and leaves the stage.

- SECOND ACT: (The rooster enters the scene)

Rooster: Hey, Mouse! How beautiful you are today!
Mouse: Thank you very much, Mr. Gallo.
Rooster: I came to tell you ... Mouse, Mouse ... do you want to marry me?

Mouse: And at night, what would you do?

Rooster: Well ... Kikirikiiii!

Mouse: Oh no, Mr. Gallo, what a horror! No, no, you would wake me up!
Rooster: Well, you miss it, Ratita ... You will not find anyone more handsome than me ... (And the Rooster leaves all upright and dignified ... And the pig enters).

Pork: How good I see you, Mouse !! How beautiful you are today! I came to tell you: little mouse, little mouse, do you want to marry me?

Mouse: And at night, what would you do?

Pork: Oiiinggg, Oiiiing

Mouse: Take off, take off, Mr. Pig! No way, that would scare me!

Pork: Well, you miss it, Mouse, because you will not find any animal as helpful as me. (And the pig leaves very dignified too, at the same time that the dog enters).

Dog: Hello Mouse, how beautiful you are today!

Mouse: Thank you very much Mr. Dog! You need something?

Dog: Actually I came to tell you: Mouse, Mouse, do you want to marry me?

Mouse: And what would you do at night?

Dog: He would bark really loud ... Wow! Wow !!

Mouse: Hush, hush, Mr. Dog, you would wake everyone up. I will not marry you!

Dog: Well, what can we do? (And the dog walks away, at the same time as a mouse enters).

Mouse: Hey, Mouse ...

Mouse: Get out of here, I'm not going to marry you either!

Mouse: But if I just wanted to warn you of ...

Mouse: Out and out.

Mouse: But there is a ...

Mouse: I tell you that you go! (The mouse comes out with his head down and a cat enters)

Cat: Meow ... How beautiful you are today, Mouse !!!

Mouse: Thank you very much, Mr. Gato.

Cat: Mouse, Mouse, will you marry me?

Mouse: And what will you do at night?

Cat: Meow ... purr softly.

Mouse: Wonderful! Well, with you, Mr. Cat, I'm going to get married!

- ACT THREE: (The Mouse and the cat are in the house, planning the wedding)

Cat: Well, Mouse, let's plan the whole wedding well (the cat gets closer to the Mouse)

Mouse: You get too close, cat ...

Cat: And closer still I'll get closer to eat ... I mean ... ahem, ahem ... to talk to you ...

Mouse: (Speaking only to the audience) Oh no, Mr. Cat .. you fooled me! He wants to eat me! If my friend the mouse were here ...

(The Mouse soon knocks on the door)

Mouse: Little mouse, come out, I want to tell you something ...

Mouse: I'm going, I'm going ... Wait here, Mr. Cat, I'm coming in an instant ...

- ACT FOUR: (Outside of the house)

Mouse: Good thing you came, Mouse ... The cat wants to eat me!

Mouse: I already imagined ... That's why I came to warn you ... I have a plan. Hide there in those bushes and call Mr. Cat.

(The Mouse hides in some bushes and screams ..)

Mouse: Mr. Cat, Mr. Cat! Come out, I want to tell you something about the wedding banquet!

(The cat appears)

Cat: This Little Mouse, who has not yet realized that she is the feast, will be silly!

(The cat approaches the bushes and then a net catches him)

Cat: Hey! What happens? Get me out of here!

Mouse: Nothing of that, Mr. Cat, you wanted to eat me and we finally caught you.

(Mouse comes out of the bushes)

Mouse: Thank you very much Mouse, you saved me! Won't you marry me?

Mouse: Haha! Wouldn't I have to ask you?

Mouse: As you like.

Mouse: Mouse, Mouse, will you marry me?

Mouse: And what will you do at night?

Mouse: Dream of you and rest.

Mouse: Well, I have to marry you!

And Mouse and Mouse have a big kiss.

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